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Company news about MCH alumina ceramic heating tube

MCH alumina ceramic heating tube


Latest company news about MCH alumina ceramic heating tube

MCH alumina ceramic heating tube


Ceramic heating tube overview

Ceramic heating tubes have excellent properties such as small size, high power, fast heating speed, long service life, etc.


Ceramic heating tube composition and structure

1. Ceramic heating tubes are tubular heating elements made by printing heating circuit on more than 96% of tubular alumina ceramics and then co-firing them at high temperatures. After high-temperature firing, the heating circuit is embedded into the tube wall and completely isolated from the air, reducing the impact of oxidation of the heating circuit on the product life.

2. Lead wire The electrode lead wire is nickel wire. Leads Tensile Strength:axial direction≥5kg, across direction≥3kg, and can withstand high temperature of 1000℃ without disconnection.


Ceramic heating tube working principle

This product is designed using the currently popular resistance heating principle, that is, when current passes through the heating circuit, the heating circuit will generate heat. Moreover, the alumina ceramic heating tube has the positive temperature characteristics of metal, and the resistance of the product will increase as the temperature rises, thereby reducing the actual power of the product without affecting the heating effect.


Ceramic heating tube characteristics

1. This product is made of materials with high hardness, good wear resistance, and is lighter than ordinary metal tube.

2. The ceramic heating tube is white or black as a whole, has very reliable pressure resistance and insulation properties, and can withstand a maximum voltage of 4200V.

3. The product does not contain heavy metals or other environmentally polluting substances, can be recycled, and is environmentally friendly.

4. It heats up faster than metal electric heating tubes; at the same time, the power consumption at the same temperature is reduced by 20%-30% compared to metal electric heating tubes.

5. It has a wide range of applications and can replace PTC ceramic or alloy electric heating elements in the future.


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